The Essentials You Need To Know When Purchasing and Caring For Your Diamond.
Diamond Care

You found the perfect diamond, now you want it to last a lifetime. Although diamonds are one of the hardest substances found in nature, they can be damaged if not taken care of properly. The same properties that allow diamond craftsman to shape and polish these wonderful gems also make them vulnerable to chipping and breaking, especially at the girdle. This is why it is important that your diamond be well protected in its setting.

Diamonds are typically set in a four or six prong gold or platinum mounting. The prongs do a wonderful job of protecting the diamond during normal daily wear but special care should be taken for rings. If you are going to be working extensively with your hands, some daily tasks such a gardening, excercise, sports, and household cleaning may expose your diamond to a situation that could cause damage. It would be best not to wear your ring at these times.

Cleaning and Inspection

It is important not only for maintaining the brilliance and beauty of your diamond but also for its durability that it be cleaned on a regular basis. Every day exposure to dirt, perspiration, and household chemicals build up on your jewelry causing unecessary wear. Cleaning your diamond weekly with a small brush and a cleaner designed for jewelry and diamonds or a mild dish detergent can maintain the beauty and longevity of your jewelry. Every six months we also recomended having your ring professionaly cleaned and inspected. Your local Amberely West retailer can provide you with this service or, if you don't live near an Amberley West retailer, you can arrange to have our customer service department provide this service. Call 888-436-2753 to find out more.

Insuring Your Diamond

Your diamond is a very important and significant purchase and Amberley West recommends that you insure your diamond against unforeseen loss, theft and damage. Your local insurance agent can assist you with separate insurance or provide a rider policy to your rental or home owner's insurance for your jewelry.