The Essentials You Need To Know When Purchasing and Caring For Your Diamond.
Diamond Cut and Shapes


Once upon a time... millions of years ago, far below the Earth's
surface, the rarest of nature's miracle took place... a diamond was born.
Very few diamonds, less than 1%, are of the shape, color and purity necessary to fashion Solenza Diamonds. Finding these rare jewels requires superior sources worldwide and countless hours of dedication to select the finest crystals.


The secret is to manipulate light. Unlocking the full beauty of a diamond requires old world skills, state of the art technology, and a modern understanding of a diamond's light handling properties.

Solenza Jewelry

Each design in The Solenza Collection is intricately crafted and artistically weaved.
Every stone is lucent, alive and glistening with perfection.

The Solenza
Ideal-Cut Difference

The attention to detail in every Solenza Diamond shines through when viewed through the Hearts and Arrows scope.

Only when every facet on the diamond is perfectly proportioned and aligned does a clear symmetrical pattern of eight arows appear when viewed through the top of the diamond and eight perfect hearts when viewed through the back. Before it can become a Solenza every diamond is evaluated for a perfect pattern.

The perfect optical symmetry achieved in our diamonds insures that their radiance and sparkle are Beautiful Beyond Compare.