The Essentials You Need To Know When Purchasing and Caring For Your Diamond.
Diamond Certification

Why You Need a Certificate

Purchasing a diamond should be an enjoyable and stress free experience, especially since buying a diamond often commemorates important, emotional and once in a lifetime moments. At the same time, a diamond may be one of your larger purchases and not making an informed decision can be a costly mistake. A diamond's market value is based entirely on its purity, quality of workmanship, and rarity. Fortunately, diamonds today are evaluated, valued, and traded using established industry standards and a uniform grading system commonly referred to as the 4C's. Using these standards, consumers are able to shop for, compare and select a diamond with relative ease. It's important however to insure that the diamonds you are looking at have been graded properly.

A Diamond Grading Report or Diamond Grading Certificate documents the specific characteristics of a diamond and is issued by an independent diamond grading laboratory. Having your diamond certified insures that it has been evaluated by a team of highly trained experts using the latest gemological tools and techniques. Reputable laboratories have well established and consistent methods and standards for grading. The reports that they produce provide a fair and unbiased comparison of diamonds in the market. Diamond grading certificates vary in their formats and the information provided, but all include the diamond's color, clarity, polish, symmetry, carat weight and dimensions.

Amberley West Only Sells Certified Diamonds

All loose diamonds over one-half carat sold by Amberley West come with a complete certificate documenting their specific characteristics from a leading independent and reputable diamond grading laboratory. Most of our diamonds come with certificates from the industry's most trusted labs, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and American Gem Society (AGSL). Both are pioneers in diamond grading and consumer advocacy. Other grading reports you may see on Amberley West include those from the European Gemological Laboratories (EGL) and Gemological Certification & Assurance Lab (GCAL). Certificates for all of our diamonds are available utilizing our interactive diamond search or, in the case of mounted goods, at the point of purchase.