Ethical Sourcing

Last Modified August 9th, 2010

AmberleyWest customers can be confident that the product they are purchasing has been sourced from the most ethical and conflict free sources available around the Globe. Our designers and manufacturers work with trusted suppliers to insure that the diamonds, gemstones and gold used to manufacture your jewelry comes from conflict free and socially responsible mines from around the world.

Since January 1st, 2003, Amberley West as well as the global diamond industry have taken a zero-tolerance policy toward conflict diamonds. At this time the diamond trade instituted a global certification system to control the import of rough diamond mined from that point forward. The system was named the Kimberley Process, and tracks rough diamonds from the mine to insure that contraband diamond mined in conflict regions of Africa are not introduced into the legitimate supply chain. The Kimberley Process was introduced into law in the United States in 2003. The law requires all US diamond retailers to by diamonds from manufacturers who have documentation warranting that all diamonds were obtained from legitimate sources, and requires the US Customs Service to screen diamonds entering American ports for Kimberley Process compliance.

Amberley West complies with all requirements of the Kimberley Process